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Manufacturing Outsourcing and Off-shoring

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A comprehensive manufacturing outsourcing and/or offshoring project activity. We provide the professionalism, expertise and experience to plan, execute and deliver strategic Asia region outsourcing and offshoring solutions for our Clients. We are experienced in connecting with government organizations to gain assistance and tax benefits for offshoring projects.

When Do You Use Us?

  • When it is a strategic imperative to reduce cost, improve margins without compromising quality.
  • When traditional cost reduction programs alone are not enough.
  • If you require to position a manufacturing base of operations in Asia to support Asian growth.
  • If you wish to beat the competition who are ahead in outsourcing and/or offshoring their manufacturing operations to Asia.
  • If you need to select the right outsourcing or JV partner in Asia given the far distance, technology maturity, quality culture, communication issues, reputation risks, IP risks and issues, etc.
  • When you lack of experience to manage an outsource/off-shore project or there is reluctance amongst internal staff to cooperate that could jeopardize the project.
  • If you are unsure what products or services may be successfully outsourced versus in-sourced.
  • If you require on the ground pricing negotiations.
  • If you require a clear path towards predictable results expected by top management.
  • If there is a critical outsourcing cut-over schedule where tight control over production runs is required to maintain supply line.
  • If you require outsourcing or offshoring expertise and experience in Asia without adding staff headcount.

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