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Supply Chain Optimization

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Our knowledge and experience with end-to-end supply chain design and operation in Asia allows us to support our Clients with the following services:

  • Asia supply chain strategy development and deployment
  • Network analysis and consolidation strategies including manufacturing and warehousing locations
  • Manufacturing and warehousing layout planning and design
  • Facilities sourcing, selection, contractual negotiation, installation and commissioning
  • Inventory planning and management
  • Facilities risk management

When Do You Use Us?

  • If you require a supply chain strategy that will be cost efficient, is consistent with organization goals and achieves customer delivery and quality expectations.
  • If you require a cost reduction strategy that rationalizes the distribution network whilst preparing for the next phase of market growth.
  • If you want the most optimal and flexible solution to a manufacturing or warehousing facility that achieves the required capacity and throughput velocity.
  • If you require experienced resource to fast-track facilities sourcing, negotiation, setup and commissioning in unfamiliar territory.
  • If inventory levels and quality of stock are unhealthy and requires analysis and rationalization.
  • If you need to manage risk in owned or 3rd party shared facilities to mitigate risk of business interruption, security risks, operation malpractice, etc.

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